Pretending to be a sports photographer

I thought I would mosey on down to my husband’s rugby club one cold, overcast Saturday a few weeks ago, to try my hand at some sports photography. It might have helped if I had read some tips first. It’s bit hard when people keep moving.

LSH in action 1

But sometimes they jump straight up in the air which helps.

LSH in Action 2(Who says rugby players are not ballerinas at heart?)


Sometimes they throw themselves on the ground. Sadly, too often, they threw themselves into touch rather than over the try line.

LSH In Action 2

Eventually they just walk off in exhaustion.

End of LSH v Hoylake Match


I would love you be able to give you some deeply researched information about sports photography this week but in reality, I turned up, put the camera on sports mode, took a lot of photos, tried not to be intimidated by the official photographers with their über-long lenses, came home, cropped the best and used a Lightroom preset filter on them, because they were so busy the colours were distracting, I thought.  (One thing I did learn though from the über-long lens people is that you can get photography gloves with grips on the tips and fold back fingers. Genius. Those are added to the want list. along with the nearest you can get to an über-long lens for a Micro Four Thirds camera)

I can’t even tell you who won the match because I kept getting distracted. There were characterful dogs



and a cheeky little girl busy building a den out of sticks,OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

and two brothers warm inside the club house with their fruits shoots.

Clubhouse kids LSH


Who’s winning? Beats me!


It was an afternoon just for getting out and having fun.


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